4 Houston Texans we hope the team cuts or trades this offseason

Some guys just need to go and we think these four Houston Texans are those types of guys.
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The Houston Texans are about to be the hottest team in the NFL if they can manage free agency and the NFL Draft without a problem. If they make good signings and continue the success they've had drafting guys, this team is going to be incredible. The only problem we can see holding the roster back is a few bad players who are either eating up a roster spot or worse, holding the team back with a bad contract.

We're going to look at four players we think should be cut and there's a minor caveat, these aren't the only four. We've seen a lot of lists with a lot of the same names, like Robert Woods. We're not saying we don't think Woods should be cut, what we're saying is that there are other guys who deserve to be cut just as badly as Woods, if not worse. And also we don't think the team should cut Woods. He provides experience that makes the team better, and with the current injury to Tank Dell, having a backup isn't a bad idea.

Now, let's get to the honorable mention, and we know it's not going to be a popular one;

LB Henry To'oTo'o

Say what you will about him, and you can in defense of Henry To'oTo'o, but he wasn't good as a rookie. Now you can argue that as a rookie, he can get better and you are not wrong; but the failure rate for NFL players is extremely high, and so the assumption that because he's just a rookie and therefore will get better is a fallacy. He may, he may not but he didn't look good in 2023. He had nearly as many missed tackles as he did tackles. He didn't make an impact at any point this season and with the team still in need of linebackers, it's clear he didn't do enough to fill the whole. If the team needs to cut someone to make space for another player, To'oTo'o didn't do enough to protect his spot.