3 worst defensive players from the loss to the Jets

The New York Jets carved up the Houston Texans defense, and these were the three worst offenders.
Houston Texans v New York Jets
Houston Texans v New York Jets / Al Bello/GettyImages

With the praise, comes the criticism. You can't have one without the other and while the Houston Texans defense may have had a good run, they fell apart against the New York Jets. The Texans let a very battered and underwhelming quarterback in Zach Wilson dink and dunk his way up and win the field. The embattled Jets quarterback looked like a Pro Bowler against a Texans defense, that, while having had its moments struggling this season, was looking much improved.

"Was looking", is the operative phrase there. They weren't looking good after the game and several key players looked as bad as they ever did. While there were some guys who got good marks by Pro Football Focus (PFF), there weren't enough strong performances to not point out how badly the team as a whole played.

And while the team failed, there are some players who just need to be held a bit more accountable.

Blake Cashman - 42.5

I've spoken highly about Blake Cashman all season, as he's been arguably the best defensive player on the team until this past Sunday, and while one game won't destroy his reputation, Cashman got picked on a lot by Wilson, posting just a 38.5 PFF score for his coverage attempts. Considering his 79.7 on the season in that area, a lot more was expected from him.

Christian Harris - 38.5

Christian Harris has struggled since being selected in the third round last year by the Houston Texans and so seeing him on this part of the list isn't shocking. On the year he's only mustered a PFF grade of 56.8 (granted up from his rookie year), and on Sunday the folks gave him just a 36.0 against the run.

Kurt Hinish - 28.9

Defensive tackle and former Notre Dame player Kurt Hinish was the worst performer, scoring just a 28.9 on the game, with a dismal 19.6 in tackling. Guys his size shouldn't have any problem tackling, as you just wrap, drive, and fall, so to see him get so negatively reviewed for his tackling prowess (or lack thereof), shows you just how much improvement the second-year, undrafted linemen need.

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