3 up, 2 down for the Houston Texans' second preseason game

Houston Texans
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Rush offense was non-existent

I'm not sure if we should be concerned about this at this point or not. The Texans' run game last week was not good to the tune of three yards per carry, but they didn't have all of their starting offensive line. This week, they had the starting group, minus Tytus Howard, and managed an even worse 2.3 yards per carry.

They also didn't have Dameon Pierce last week and yet with him getting carries this week, they had a worse performance. My worry though is not with the running backs, it's the offensive line and we talked about this last week too. This line has to be better going forward or this team from an offensive perspective is in a lot of trouble.

They have one more preseason to go and the hope is Howard can get back on the field to help out the line. They could use at least one preseason game with all five starters together before heading into the 2023 regular season.

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