3 things that will likely change with Stefon Digg's becoming a Houston Texans player

Stefon Digg's arrival may affect a few thins.
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C.J. Stroud has an even better season than before

Now, we've focused on the negatives and potential negatives that come with Stefon Digg's arrival, but it's also worth noting that he does add a positive aspect to things. Assuming Diggs is ready to work and learns the system, gets along with everyone, it's very likely that he comes in and lifts the Texans' offense to unseen heights.

That means that guys like C.J. Stroud will benefit from Diggs' ability to split the defense. Stroud already had a major season as a rookie, but imagine what his figures would look like with Diggs on the team, working in cooperation with everyone else. We're talking 4,000 or more yards, 30 or 40 touchdowns, and an offense that steamrolls through everyone.

We mentioned how Nico Collins may take a step back and how that'll affect his payday, but also imagine what Diggs will do for Stroud and what he'll be able to showcase because of it. You would have, possibly, three number-one receivers working in conjunction, giving Stroud a threesome arguably not seen since Peyton Manning's days in Indianapolis.

If that does end up happening, we're not talking about Stroud winning Most Improved Player of the Year in 2024, we're talking about winning the Most Valuable Player in 2024