3 things that will likely change with Stefon Digg's becoming a Houston Texans player

Stefon Digg's arrival may affect a few thins.
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Joe Mixon doesn't get featured

The arrival of Stefon Diggs turned the Houston Texans from a five-weapon passing team to a six-weapon passing team. The team already had Nico Collins, Tank Dell, Noah Brown, Robert Woods, and Dalton Schultz to throw the ball to. Clearly, the Houston Texans didn't need Diggs, but that doesn't mean he won't be valuable. While his arrival all but guarantees that guys like Dell, Brown, and Woods will take a step back with production, what's not being talked about is how much more passing the Texans will have to do to accommodate Diggs and the rest of the receiver room.

That means you're going to have to run the ball less, which means Joe Mixon will end up being featured less as a star player. He likely wasn't going to be the only running back the Texans featured regardless, he's never been an elite player and he is aging out of the position, but he was still going to get close to 20 carries a game, we thought.

Now he'll be lucky to get 10 or more. If Diggs isn't being targeted often, he's going to cause problems, and that means you have to allocate reps from somewhere else to him. That's likely to come from the running game.