3 things Nico Collin has to do in 2024 to prove he's worth his new contract

The Houston Texans made Nico Collins one of the highest paid receivers in the league but what does he have to do to live up to that contract?
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Getting paid in the NFL is a wonderful thing. It takes some of the pressure off of you to play through injuries you shouldn't, just to get a paycheck. It helps reassure you that you're one of the best going. It also helps set you up for life, if you're smart with your money. It's a wonderful thing. Yet, with the good comes the bad. Now, there's a whole new level of expectations to live up to.

Nico Collins will have to prove that he can live up to his brand new expectations as he signed a massive contract. Meaning that what we were getting from him before is no longer enough. Now, he has to prove that he's worth the new contract.

With a contract that'll pay him at least $20 million a year for two of his contracted years, many, ourselves included, are going to expect $20+ million performances. We're going to need to see him do at least these three things to ensure no one sees this as one of the worst contracts in NFL history.

1. Stay Healthy

It may be the hardest thing to navigate, but no one ever gives kudos to highly paid, and often injured players. If you're not on the field, you'll often be seen as a poor acquisition. Collins can do things to help recover faster and do some preventative things like proper stretching, eating well, and avoiding situations and circumstances that could do serious harm. It's the hardest thing of the three to do, we know that, but it's still something he has to be able to do if he wants to prove to all of us he's worth his new deal.

2. Be a positive force for the team

Many will consider a strong reputation as money well spent. So if Collins avoids trouble, many will be quick to retain him. Not only that, however, but if the Texans can see him mentor others on the team and help them get better as well, then his worth and value go far beyond what he does statistically.

3. Take a significant leap in stats

This is the most obvious. Collins had a good 2023. Just look at his stats to know that. That said, he came alive after Tank Dell got hurt. So Dell may stifle Collins' performances to some degree. Collins can not let that happen. He's got to show everyone that he can be that top guy and produce at the level of the Stefon Diggs' of the NFL. If he can't, if his stats stay the same or decline, then a lot of people will not be happy with the new contract he just got.