3 surprising Texans players who won't make the team in 2024

The added depth the Texans added to both sides of the ball means less chances veterans have to stick around for this season.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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Offensive lineman Shaq Mason

Shaq Mason may have just got here, but his time may be running out already. With Kenyon Green coming back from injury and Tytus Howard potentially moving inside now, the 30-year-old Mason may be looking to play elsewhere by September. The Texans have plenty of depth behind Mason to make this move work with Kendrick Green and Jarrett Patterson as inside depth. 

Mason had a fine season in 2023, allowing three sacks along with five penalties called on him in 1,132 snaps, according to PFF. To play devil's advocate, Houston just signed Mason to a three-year/$36 M deal in 2023 that was restructured in March. If you read into that, it will tell you they aren’t making a roster decision on him just yet. However, they need to play the best player for the job, not the highest paid. If that happens to be Kenyon Green, they should be willing to eat Mason’s contract and let him go elsewhere. 

The Texans can find a cheaper depth option after roster cutdowns conclude and teams fill out their rosters. A serviceable backup to (presumably) Kenyon Green that won’t cost as much. As they will look to go younger after this season, this move only speeds up that process.