3 reasons why the future is bright for the Houston Texans

The future is bright for the Houston Texans.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have one of the most difficult tasks in football for 2024, build upon their success in 2023 and prove that their "debut season" of this new era wasn't a fluke. The team saw DeMeco Ryans, Will Anderson, and C.J. Stroud all execute wonderfully this past year, and since all three were rookies for all intents and purposes, many expect big things from the trio going forward.

And why shouldn't they? Stroud is already being seen as a Top 10 quarterback and many believe Ryans was the rightful winner of the Coach of the Year Award. The expectations for 2024 are high and will only get higher the more and more they succeed, but fans shouldn't fret.

The team is capable of not only living up to the new expectations but succeeding them. Here are three reasons why the future is bright for the Texans.

1. Success with the NFL Draft

We can throw in the draft picks acquired in a few recent trades as well, but the real bright spot here is the success of this team at drafting players. Each draft should have 2-4 players who can start at least and/or reach the Pro Bowl and so far the Texans are taking their drafted players and really finding success with them.

2 . Tons of cash to spend

The influx of an extra $30 million didn't hurt but the Texans were already riding high prior to the announcement by the NFL on Friday. The team had oodles to spend this season and now with even more money to spend, they can not only retain their best free agents but add a host of new ones as well.

3. Young players on great contracts

The Texans are in a sweet spot where they aren't fighting to stay under the cap by restructuring or cutting key guys, and that's because some of their best players are on rookie deals. The combination of cheap contracts for top-tier graded guys, plus the nearly $70 million in cap space sure has fans riding high with the thought of a superteam forming in Houston.