3 Reasons the Texans should sign Ezekiel Elliott 

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Ezekiel Elliott
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Elliott still has an elite trait. 

Throughout Elliott's career, he has done two things better than almost any other running back in the NFL, scoring touchdowns and staying healthy. No one player did more for their franchise than Elliott did for the Dallas Cowboys in the red zone. 

The most critical trait that Ezekiel Elliott brings to the Houston Texans is his uncanny ability to find the End zone. Over the last six seasons, Ezekiel Elliott has only finished three seasons with less than double-digit touchdowns. This past season while in the red zone, Elliott gained 130 yards on the ground, 12 catches, and 14 total touchdowns. While the Cowboys have been lauded for having a balanced offense with an above-average offensive line, Elliott has been behind their top red zone efficiency.

Red zone efficiency is crucial for Super Bowl-winning franchises. This past year, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles ranked second and third in getting the ball in the end zone when they were within 20 yards of it. The only team better than them? Elliott's Dallas Cowboys. The Texans, on the other hand, ranked 28th. No one player brought the Eagles or Chiefs to the upper echelon of red zone efficiency; the same is valid with Elliot's addition to the Texans, but he will help.

Elliott brings another wrinkle to their red zone game planning to the Texans. The Texans can utilize rookie franchise quarterback CJ Stroud's elite accuracy, Nico Collins's frame, Pierce's violent rushing tendencies, Dalton Schultz, or even gadget plays with third-round University of Houston grad Tank Dell. In watching the Eagles and Chiefs, it's easy to see that they put pressure on defense from every area of the field when they're inside the 20-yard line. Adding Elliot gives them another weapon for defenses to gameplan for.

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