3 reasons Houston Texans fans should welcome DeAndre Hopkins home

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DeAndre Hopkins helps develop C.J. Stroud

I've said since day one that if you start a rookie quarterback, you better have a solid team around him to support the young signal-caller.  The Texans have done a fine job thus far upgrading the offensive line.  Time will tell how much of an upgrade, but they should be better than a season ago.  They also added Singletary, Woods, Noah Brown, and Schultz.  Stroud will have some weapons to work with.

The support structure is there, and adding Hopkins would only further serve that purpose.  Hopkins is someone Stroud can learn from and trust to be where he is supposed to be.  You know Hopkins is going to run great routes and he will compete for every pass thrown his way.

He’ll be able to help Stroud in the huddle and teach him the little nuances that help a quarterback build chemistry with his receivers.

Interestingly enough, I just put out my top-five receivers in Texans’ history and did not have Hopkins as the number-one receiver.  A return to Houston could give him that little boost to supplant Andre Johnson as the greatest wide receiver in Texans’ history and cement his legacy in Houston.  It almost guarantees his spot on the Texans’ Ring of Honor.

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