3 reasons Houston Texans fans should welcome DeAndre Hopkins home

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Massive improvement to the Houston Texans wide receiver room

Similar, to my previous statement, Hopkins brings instant credibility to the team.  Specifically, the wide receivers' room.  We've all seen the stories about the disrespect from the national media regarding the Texans receiver group, add Hopkins, and they suddenly climb the ranks.

The main issues with the Texans wide receivers is not necessarily a lack of talent, but a lack of experience.  Robert Woods is the lone exception, but having Hopkins around gives the team an All-Pro weapon and a mentor to the young players, such as Nico Collins and Nathaniel Dell.

Many believe Collins will have a breakout year and if Hopkins is on the opposite side to pull the defensive coverage attention, Collins could have a big year.  Plus having Dell in the slot with his quick route running, and Dalton Schultz at the tight end spot too.  We can’t forget about Robert Woods either.  He had a down year last year due to an inept Titans team and injury, so he’ll be looking to bounce back in 2023.

The bottom line here is Hopkins suddenly makes this receiver group scary good and will change how opposing defenses play against the Houston Texans. This also would help to open up the Texans' run game more, which I believe will be a top-ten rushing attack in the first place.