3 reasons Houston Texans fans should welcome DeAndre Hopkins home

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With the recent news of the Arizona Cardinals releasing DeAndre Hopkins, seemingly all 32 teams in the league are scrambling to sign the All-Pro wide receiver. There are only a few teams that truly have a shot at signing him and the Houston Texans could be one of those.

Hopkins has said in the past that he'd like to go to a contender and it's debatable if you see the Texans as a true contender in the AFC. I recently wrote an article breaking down each week of the Texans' upcoming season, to include a score prediction. If Hopkins were to come home, you can tear up that predictive article and start over.

The Texans are a long shot to sign the superstar wide receiver but they say that home is where the heart is and the Texans are Hopkins home and I'm sure he has a special place in his heart. The evil team that traded him away is no longer running the show and I'm sure the new regime, led by head coach DeMeco Ryans would love to have a weapon of Hopkins caliber.

There are a few reasons that come to mind as to why Texans fans should welcome Hopkins home but I'm going to talk about three primary reasons, aside from the fact that him coming back to Houston would make one heck of a story, especially the Texans battled their way into the playoffs. I don't have to tell Texans fans this, the last time they were in the playoffs, Hopkins was catching touchdowns in a Texans' uniform.