3 most concerning positions for Houston Texans this year

We're excited about the Houston Texans upcoming season, but we have some real concerns still.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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We could argue that the offensive line and defensive tackles were two of the least overhauled positions on the team. While there was a lot of movement on the defensive tackle side of things, there was not a lot of upward talent acquisition at the position. The offensive line had even less movement but had more young players with upside at key positions. So it was understandable why the O-line didn't get overhauled.

The defensive secondary, however, was transformed. Desmond King was re-signed by the Texans, starting things off right. The Texans then signed Myles Bryant, Jeff Okudah, and C.J. Henderson. They then brought back Lonnie Johnson for his second sting with the team. They also drafted Kamar Lassiter in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft. All of these guys play cornerback, and all of whom are going to be fighting for spots behind Derek Stingley Jr.

The cornerbacks should be improved with all of these moves, but we have to see it to believe it. The same could be said for the safeties. They're going to start 2024 with Jimmie Ward at free safety, and Jalen Pitre at strong safety, while still retaining M.J. Stewart as a jack-of-all-trades secondary player. They also added Calen Bullock in this year's draft as well. Giving the secondary a facelift of sorts.

We know the secondary was overturned significantly, but we don't know if those moves will improve the team. We're hopeful, but who knows at this point?