3 most concerning positions for Houston Texans this year

We're excited about the Houston Texans upcoming season, but we have some real concerns still.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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Defensive tackle

Right now, Pro Football Focus has Folorunso Fatukasi and Denecio Autry starting at defensive tackle for the Houston Texans in 2024. That's likely not going to be who is starting at the position, but they should be upgrades over who the Texans had in 2023. Hopefully. Autry is a defensive end by trade but does have the size and strength to play inside and hopefully, that's the goal for the squad moving forward.

Fatukasi came over from Jacksonville, after playing two years for the Jaguars. Before that, he was in New York until his rookie contract expired. He's not a long-term option at the position and the team will be lucky if he's any degree of improvement over the 2023 set of starters, Maliek Collins and Sheldon Rankins. If not, it's not like the Texans can just go get their last set of starters. Collins went to San Francisco and Rankings signed with Cincinnati.

So clearly, the Texans are hoping their new additions are in fact additions to the roster. They did draft Marcus Harris from Auburn this year, however, so they may be hoping he provides some depth for the team.