3 players we'd like to see the Houston Texans trade for

With question marks still at LB, DT, and CB, you should expect at least one more position to be filled before the draft in three weeks.
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Philadelphia Eagles LB Nolan Smith

Smith, 23, was a first-round pick by the Eagles in 2023 and hasn't seen much game action. It would be tough to justify keeping him on the bench after spending a top pick on him, and the Eagles could recoup a draft pick by dealing him away. Philadelphia added Devin White and Zack Baun in free agency this year, and already have Josh Sweat and Bryce Huff starting over him. If Philadelphia receives an offer from Houston that they feel is too good to pass up, Nolan will be on the first flight out of Philly.

The Texans need LB help, and landing a former first-round pick at just 23 years old is just like drafting one this year. Smith was dominant at Georgia, and the Eagles had hoped he would produce in the next level. But after totaling seven TFLs and three sacks in his final year with the Bulldogs, Smith couldn't find his footing with two different DCs calling plays.

There's no question Smith has the talent to be an elite player at this level, he might just need a change of scenery and a better coaching staff to reach his potential. Learning from Danielle Hunter will be a great thing for Smith as he would expect to take over for him after his two-year contract expires. By trading for him, the Texans' plan would be for Smith and Will Anderson to be the starting rushers for years to come.