3 players on the Houston Texans who are now roster locks for the 53-man roster

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Christian Kirksey - Linebacker

Sometimes as a content creator or a writer covering NFL teams, you have to be willing and able to admit when you might have been wrong about a player or subject. Such is the case with Christian Kirksey. I wrote about a week ago that Kirksey was playing for his job and that the preseason would be vital to showing he deserves a spot on the roster. But after looking a bit more at the Houston Texans' depth chart, I believe he's a lock to make the team.

The reasons are simple, he's relatively young still, has experience in this league, and provides depth in the pass-rush area that the Texans don't currently have. Outside of Will Anderson Jr. and Jonathan Greenard, the team doesn't have much in the way of pass rushers. Jerry Hughes is still around, and Chase Winovich is trying to make the team as well, but Hughes is the second oldest player on the roster and Winovich, to date, hasn't done enough to earn a spot on the 53.

I think there is a place on the Texans' roster for Kirksey, particularly as a rotation piece and in obvious passing situations. Pro Football Focus gave him a pass-rush grade of 78.1 in 2022, even though it didn't result in a lot of sacks, sometimes just getting that pressure can result in a negative play for the opposing offense.