3 New York Jets players the Houston Texans have to game plan for

These are the three New York Jets players the Houston Texans have to worry about most.
New York Jets v Houston Texans
New York Jets v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Houston Texans and the New York Jets are about to play a game that will have massive rammifications for the rest of their seasons. The Jets aren't eliminated from the playoffs yet, and at 4-8, they can still try and put together a winning season. A win here may encourage Aaron Rodgers, cleared for practice, to return this season and try and help push the Jets into the playoffs. A loss, all but ends their season.

The Texans, likewise, are in a position where they could really leap up the playoff standings with a win over the Jets, while a loss will seriously hamper their ability to make the playoffs. The Texans are currently the last playoff team in as things currently stand, and they remain in a state where anything can happen to them. The more they win, the higher they'll be; yet, just a single loss could take the playoffs out of their hands. Thus making them rely on other teams to help them get in. Right now, the Texans hold their own fate in their own hands. A loss takes that away.

So the Texans have to beat the Jets if they hope to make the playoffs, and that means being keyed in on a few players to help ensure that. And these are the three Jets players we think the Texans have to keep their eyes on.

Sauce Gardner

With Tank Dell on the field, Sauce Gardner could only affect so much of the Houston Texans passing offense. Garnder could focus on Dell or Nico Collins, not both. Now, with Gardner out, the Texans are going to see a lot of Gardner on Collins action all game long.

Quinnen Williams

The Texans' interior defensive line will have to face off with Quinnen Williams in easily their toughest test of the season. A test they may fail often, as Williams is easily the best defensive tackle in the league, if not one of the two best, and the Texan offensive line is among the worst in the league; at least looking at PFF's scores for the inside trio. Juice Scruggs, Michael Deiter, and Shaq Mason are going to have their hands full.

Garrett Wilson

The Jets have no idea what to do with their running game, and their quarterback position is in shambles. Head coach Robert Saleh may not be long for the team, due to the failings of his offense, yet Garrett Wilson, without an elite or even good starting quarterback, has managed to continue to be a threat all year long. If the Jets have a hope of beating the Texans, it'll come down to Wilson being stopped. Without Wilson, the Jets have no shot.

Next. The New York Jets will be C.J. Stroud's biggest test of the year. Sauce Gardner isn't even in the Top 3 of the highest rated defensive players on the New York Jets.. dark