3 highest-paid Houston Texans players going into 2024

The last two years the Houston Texans have given out some pretty large contracts, but who are these players?
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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1. Laremy Tunsil (Left Tackle)

Laremy Tunsil, the powerhouse left tackle for the Houston Texans, is not just a guy protecting the quarterback, he’s a cornerstone on their path to victory. His wallet certainly reflects that. Tunsil signed a mega three-year, $75 million deal with Houston, with a cool $60 million of that being guaranteed.

Why such a large contract? Well, Tunsil isn’t your run-of-the-mill lineman. He’s among the best in the business, known for shutting down opposing defensive nightmares. All while giving his QB, C.J. Stroud the peace of mind to work his magic. Tunsil’s technique is smooth and his strength is like trying to move a brick wall.

For the Texans, locking down Tunsil wasn’t just about keeping a guy happy, it was about securing a key to the Super Bowl door. If Houston wants to go all the way, Tunsil’s protection and power will be crucial. You don’t drop that kind of cash on just anyone; you do it for someone who’s proven they’re worth every penny.

As the Houston Texans aim for the top spot in the NFL, players like Laremy Tunsil, Nico Collins, and Tytus Howard are the ones making it happen. Tunsil’s huge contract shows how important he is at keeping the quarterback safe and making sure the offense runs smoothly. Nico Collins brings tons of excitement as a wide receiver, and Tytus Howard is a beast at right tackle, holding it down for the Texans.

With these guys on board and their big contracts, Houston’s serious about winning. Tunsil, Collins, and Howard are key to the team’s plan for a championship. As the season kicks off, their play will decide how far the Texans can go and if they’ll make a real mark in football.