3 free agent running backs that would transform the Houston Texans offense

The Houston Texans could use a major name at the running back position.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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2. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans

The days of 2,000 yards for Derrick Henry are likely over. Maybe with the right combination of usage and a much improved offensive line, Henry can still be that kind of a threat, maybe. That's unlikely though. The Titans seem content on letting him walk as of right now and if he does make it to the open field, the Houston Texans would be wise to snatch him up; for the right price. He's not that 2,000 yards back anymore and you can't pay him like he was.

That said, he is still 6'3, 250lbs, and as strong as some small Eastern European nations, so he doesn't need to be what he was. What he is currently is still very valuable. He provides a thump that most backs don't know how to do anymore and with defenses getting smaller, a guy like Henry will remain a hard dude to pull down.

Not only that, but he's good for 10+ touchdowns a season. The Titans were still a red zone threat without a good quarterback simply for having Henry on their roster and if you can pair Henry with the talents of C.J. Stroud and this offense, then things are going to pop off like never before.