3 free agent running backs that would transform the Houston Texans offense

The Houston Texans could use a major name at the running back position.
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3. Devin Singletary - Houston Texanas

It's hard to deny that Devin Singletary deserves another shot at the starting job after the way he played. Of every player who rushed for more yards than Singletary (898, good for 21st), only 11 had more yards per carry than he did. He showed that he can be an effective back when given the opportunity and an improved offensive line would help him unlock that next step.

Still, even if you bring in Singletary, you'll want an upgrade behind him and in that case, maybe taking a rider on someone like Ezekiel Elliott wouldn't be the worst idea. In this scenario, neither man is getting a lot of money so you can reallocate those funds to improve the offensive line, which should give both men a much-needed boost.

Especially someone like Elliot, who struggled the last few years behind poor lines. He's starting to show his age, but it's very possible that with the right line in front of him, he can at least be a serviceable rotation guy.

Regardless, bringing back Singletary makes a lot of sense, especially since he won't be nearly as expensive as the following two names.