3 free agent running backs that would transform the Houston Texans offense

The Houston Texans could use a major name at the running back position.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans must improve their running game in 2023. While Devin Singletary added a lot to the team, they still struggled at times to move the ball any other way than through the air. They were just 23rd in the league in total yards rushing, 23rd in yards per game, 28th in yards per carry, and 25th in rushing touchdowns.

All told, the Texans sucked at running the ball. Dameon Pierce failed to generate the same kind of production he did as a rookie and while the offensive line was largely responsible for the team's struggles, the fact is that Singletary was able to create a lot behind that same offensive line. So clearly it's not just the o-line that needs work. Pierce may not be in the long-term plans and after this past season, no one should think he is,

The Texans need a big-time game-changer at the position, and with the money they have to offer, there's no reason not to go out and get someone who can amplify the team's overall offense. While running backs may be seen as passe these days, a high-end one can still make all the difference in the world.

But two of the names you won't see on this list are Josh Jacobs and Austin Eckler. Despite being two of the better backs over the years, they're not being factored in for one very key reason; inconsistencies. Both Jacobs and Eckler fluctuate in production. They are very boom or bust in their expectations.

And there's another issue with Eckler, his age. While Eckler seems like the best overall option; sturdy, healthy, dynamic, he's dropped off hard recently and it may be time to hang 'em up if you're him.

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