3 best offensive players from the loss to the Jets

What three offensive Houston Texans players stood out against New York Jets according to PFF?
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
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Despite going down with an injury, the top-rated offensive player from the Houston Texans was Nico Collins. The third-year receiver was instrumental all season in helping C.J. Stroud get to where he is as a top-tier rookie quarterback in the NFL currently. Collins, and rookie receiver Tank Dell, really helped elevate the play of Stroud, so his impact isn't surprising, but his injury is going to hurt things.

Since we're looking at the top-three offensive Houston Texans players, we wanted to acknowledge and observe Collins' top spot from the game, but also explain why we're passing him over for the list. Collins only played three snaps. So while he had Texans offensive-high from Pro Football Focus for 83.9, it felt inauthentic to include him.

So instead we're going to be looking at the second, third, and fourth spots on PFF's offensive rating page instead, that way we have a bit more meat on the bone to consume.

Laremy Tunsil - 79.4 OFF

The offensive left tackle for the Houston Texans continues to be one of the best additions the team has made in recent years. Against the New York Jets, he was practically perfect when it came to pass-blocking, posting a brilliant score of 85.3 against the pass rush of the Jets, but he struggled some when the Texans ran the ball; posting just 71.3 when the team ran the ball. Still good numbers, just not great numbers.

Devin Singletary - 68.6 OFF

Devin Singletary isn't being given the reps he deserves. He got a 74.3 score for his rushing, far higher than Dameon Pierce got in the same game, but he was only involved in 13 rushing plays according to PFF. Singletary does very well with the ball in his hands, something the Texans need to give him far more opportunities to prove.

Andrew Beck - 67.1 OFF

The fullback on the Houston Texans, Andrew Beck, comes in third, mainly for his run blocking. He scored a 78.6 as the lead blocker for the Texans running backs and it's something we should see more of, considering he only had 15 snaps all day.

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