Houston Texans news: Chiefs scared, Brandin Cooks returns, more

The Houston Texans might be just 1-11-1 but their almost win over the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday seems to have gotten noticed from teams all over the league. That includes the Kansas City Chiefs.

In preparing for the Texans this week, Chiefs’ defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo made it clear that Lovie Smith’s squad is a scary bunch.

“We’re going down there, they played Dallas really well and gained some confidence. They’ve got two quarterbacks now. They scored some points, they almost win the game. That’s a scary team. So, we better be ready.”

Despite Spagnuolo’s claims that he’s worried about the Houston Texans and their dual-quarterback approach, it seems unlikely he really thinks they’re scary. This seems more like a coach who would like his team not to overlook anyone. Here’s hoping they do.

Other Houston Texans News

If the Texans end up scaring the Chiefs on Sunday, it will almost certainly be because of Brandin Cooks. The wide receiver has missed the last two games but he returned to practice on Thursday and while he was “limited,” it still has be considered a very good sign.

It should come as no surprise that Bryce Young is still considered the guy that the Houston Texans should take but more Mock Drafts are saying exactly that. One recent mock draft still has Young as the best quarterback on the board with CJ Stroud following close behind.

NFL News

Former quarterback Robert Griffin III is still learning how to be a broadcaster and while he does bring energy that is refreshing, he tends to say things he later regrets from time to time. That happened again earlier this week when Griffin “accidentally” uttered a racist term while doing a studio show.

Griffin later apologized but this is also the kind of stuff that happens when you’re trying to hard to be fresh and funny and not being careful about what you say.