Houston Texans: Amari Rodgers could debut against Browns

Amari Rodgers (8) bobbles a punt return against the Dallas Cowboys (Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)
Amari Rodgers (8) bobbles a punt return against the Dallas Cowboys (Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin) /

The Houston Texans are facing off against one of their former teammates when they take the field against the Cleveland Browns. Perhaps one of the secret weapons in beating the squad with a former Texan on it is one of the newest Texans in the form of Amari Rodgers.

The Houston Texans claimed the special teams’ returner and wide receiver off waivers from the Green Bay Packers several weeks ago. However, neither he nor running back Eno Benjamin have played a snap in Houston yet. But for Rodgers, that could change on Sunday against Cleveland.

Earlier this week, Special teams coordinator Frank Ross updated the media about the potential of Rodgers getting some action this weekend. While he didn’t promise the former Packer would see the field, he did say the player is making progress.

"“[He is] good, continuing to work every single day working under our techniques. When you have a new player, you’re anxious to hear what he’s been coached beforehand, what his habits are and what we can do whether it’s to improve or to emphasize something he’s been doing in the past. He’ll be ready when he gets his chance.”"

Part of the holdup seems to be that the Houston Texans are hoping that they can “fix” Amari Rodgers. He was a highly sought-after prospect when he entered the NFL last year.

Houston Texans Debut Coming?

However, he’s had real problems since actually setting foot in the league. Clearly one of the reasons that a team that has very little to play for grabbed the punt returner is because the team wants to make him a weapon for the long term.

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That likely means that Rodgers will not play until the Houston Texans believe he’s ready to show real improvement in a game. Here’s hoping that’s Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.