Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson hides behinds lawyers in latest press conference

Deshaun Watson (4) greets a teammate (Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)
Deshaun Watson (4) greets a teammate (Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports) /

As Deshaun Watson gets ready to go up against his old team in the Houston Texans, he’s also dealing with the media in a way he hasn’t had to do for the last few months. And so far, it appears as if he couldn’t be doing a worse job.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback was supposed to meet the media on Wednesday afternoon in the leadup to the Houston Texans game. However, he ducked out entirely. It appears his new team wasn’t willing to let him skip out for a second straight day. So instead he just ducked out on the tough questions.

Back when he was traded to the Browns, Watson claimed that he was eager to tell his side of the story. He claimed that when people heard it, they would understand that he’s done nothing wrong. As hard as that might be to believe, he was given the chance to do exactly that on Thursday. And declined.

“At this time, I can’t address any of that stuff,” Watson said. “Who knows what the future holds? Right now, I’m locked in on being the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.”

Deshaun Watson, who seems to handle just about every decision poorly if its not on the football field, then claimed that the reason he couldn’t talk about the scores of women who have accused him of sexual assault.

When pressed on why he can’t address “any of that stuff” he said that is was because of his attorneys and his counseling. I of course understand that his lawyers don’t want him to talk about this sort of thing. He did a terrible job of it the last time he tried.

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That doesn’t make him any less of a coward. Deshaun Watson is someone who has spent his career thinking he’s owed exactly what he wants and throwing a fit or running away when he doesn’t get what he wants. He did it with the Houston Texans. His behavior this week shows he hasn’t changed. He’ll likely do it again with the Cleveland Browns.