Is Nico Collins the Houston Texans WR1 and more Week 5 takeaways

[Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]Jki 101022 Bs Jaguars Vs T 18
[Bob Self/Florida Times-Union]Jki 101022 Bs Jaguars Vs T 18 /
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Is Nico Collins the Texans WR1?

Nico Collins is now showing his true potential as a receiving threat. Rarely do you see a 6’4″ wide receiver that can get downfield and out muscle any defensive back he goes up against. Collins led the team with four receptions for 65 yards and looks like the real deal Houston fans have been hoping to see.

The offense targeted Collins and Brandin Cooks six times, while Cooks had only 20 receiving yards. So is Nico Collins the new wide receiver one for Houston?

The win against the Jags may be the beginning of the transition for Collins to take over as the new top receiving option in Houston. His ability to out-jump any defensive back is rare. His big reception, where he was getting grabbed but managed to hold the ball, was impressive, and only a few players in the NFL can come down with the catch.

Collins should be the number one receiving option from now on out and hopefully, those leading Houston can see the same.