Do the Houston Texans have touchdown monster brewing?

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Will the Houston Texans have a touchdown monster in 2022?

The Houston Texans have not had an elite talent at the running back position since Arian Foster played for the franchise from 2009-15. Touchdowns have been a struggle for running backs since Foster left the team, and the entire run game has lacked luster, especially last season, finishing last in yards per game.

Now the question is has Houston found their next great running back for this franchise?

After former general manager /head coach Bill O’Brien made the embarrassing trade where the Texans received David Johnson, his production clarified that he would not be with Houston for the long term, and that was the case as he was not brought back to the team for the 2022 season.

The Texans desperately needed a new back this offseason so they signed veteran Marlon Mack as the starting rusher, but they also drafted a player from Florida, who may not have had a ton of use in college, but produced at the highest level.

That player is Dameon Pierce, and after one preseason game, fans and experts believe he is the truth, but will he lead the Texans in rushing touchdowns?

If you struggle to think of a face for the definition of a bulldog, watch Pierce. The Texans took the chance on Pierce and selected him in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Even with little use in college, Pierce had some unbelievable statistics, 100 touches and 16 touchdowns, efficient stats you do not see often, and he rans hard with the football.

Texans running back Dameon Pierce will produce for franchise as a rookie

Pierce has been a highlight film all training camp, which continued into his first preseason game. Pierce walked into his first game and shut down any doubter. He looks like a steal in the draft and had five rushes for 49 yards and an explosive 20-yard run.

Pierce can cut on a dime and has an impressive vision for such a bruising back. He seems like an old-school back who will run you over and drain the defense, which is the perfect combination for a red zone back. If you saw him in college, you know they can use him as a receiver, which we haven’t seen in the preseason.

Houston head coach Lovie Smith and the rest of the Texans decided they had seen enough of Pierce, so they sat him, allowing the other backs to show what they got. No other running back looked nearly as impressive as Pierce, so not having him play is an obvious move that the Texans made that ensured him as the RB on the team.

There is no running back on this team who is more powerful and explosive than Pierce. He has all the tools to run players over defenders and get extra yards. The Texans may have a steal with this selection.

Pierce isn’t just a bruiser but a patent runner, allowing him the extra yardage required to lead the team in the RedZone in touches. Pierce is exceptional, and we will see him this season with the upside of 10-plus touchdowns, but no less that eight touchdowns this season.

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