Texans know backup QB Kyle Allen is also important for 2022 season

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans know it is important to have a quality backup quarterback, and this year that player is Kyle Allen.

Though Davis Mills is the Houston Texans’ starting quarterback entering the 2022 training camp and regular season, he knows more than most the importance of the role of having a quality backup quarterback. That was the role of Mills at this point last year, and now the player who fills that roster spot is veteran quarterback Kyle Allen.

This is the start of year five for Allen in the NFL, and his first season with the Texans as they signed him in free agency after stops with the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Commanders.

The past two seasons Allen played for Washington, and in 2021 he played in two games, making no starts for that franchise. In 2020, all four games Allen played in for Washington were starts. In his first two seasons with the Panthers, Allen had one start in 2018 and 12 starts in 2019. In all, Allen has played in 21 games, making 17 starts during his NFL career.

In those four seasons, Allen has shown he can come off the bench and make a start, or even being thrown in the starting role for a number of consecutive weeks is something the quarterback is more than capable of doing too, and that’s insurance the Texans need this season.

Allen has 24 career touchdown passes and 17 career interceptions, throwing for 4,318 yards (395-of-626) during his first four seasons in the NFL.

Texans: Head coach Lovie Smith speaks highly of Kyle Allen at backup QB

Texans head coach Lovie Smith believes in Allen, and feels he is the quality backup Houston needs behind Mills in 2022. Smith commented on Allen during Saturday’s press conference with the Houston media, stating the following when asked about Allen joining the Texans this offseason with comments provided by HoustonTexans.com:

"“I talk a lot about Davis Mills, rightfully so, but you just never know when it’s the backup’s time to step up. Kyle [Allen] has played a lot of ball. He’s mobile. He’s accurate and that’s why we brought him here; a guy that if we have to call on him, he knows our offense and we feel like he can run it.”"

Smith speaks highly of Allen, and the best thing is Allen is already capable of running the offense of the Texans and offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. Smith spoke of the accuracy of Allen, and if he were to play for Houston at any point this season, good accuracy is especially important for this team.

The reason is Houston can’t afford to let their opponents have any extra opportunities as they aren’t built to overcome too many turnovers as they are still rebuilding their defense. That means turnovers by the offense will put the defense on the field more than they need to be in ’22, and that’s not good for the franchise right now.

Houston should feel comfortable about their backup quarterback situation because Allen is a dependable backup quarterback, and one if the Texans need to call on at some point in ’22 has experience with starting games in recent seasons.

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