Texans GM Nick Caserio says ‘focus is on the team’ in training camp

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans are back on the field, and general manager Nick Caserio spoke about all things Texans on Friday.

How great is it to have the start of training camp for the Houston Texans and the rest of the NFL? Though that means summer is in the latter stages, it also means football season is getting closer with each passing day, and let’s face it, football season is the best season.

As for the Texans, the start of training camp is a new start for the franchise, and even better than that, it is a chance to see which players are better than they were last season when the Texans finished with a 4-13 overall record.

As for the Texans GM Nick Caserio, in a press conference to kick off training camp for Houston on Friday, he had the following comment when asked by the Houston media about what his focus is during training camp (comments are provided by HoustonTexans.com):

"“Really the focus is on the team. The focus is on the players. Stand back there, evaluate practice and just watch the players.”"

Caserio added the following to his answer of the question:

"“I think the focus is on the product on the field. The focus is on the players. There’s a million things that go on to running a football team. There’s a million things that go on in training camp so, try to address the things that maybe have some relevance or important.”"

What is great about that answer is the face he knows what training camp is about and he’s evaluating the players, and figuring out who will be the best fit for not only the roster this season, but for the vision of his rebuild for the franchise.

Evaluations for Texans players in camp is most important for future success

The past couple seasons have been tough to watch, and at times in ’21 there were some glimmers of hope, with one being quarterback Davis Mills, but in ’22 the pressure will be amped up to a level he’s not yet experienced. If Houston plays better than in ’21, Mills will most likely keep his team from using one of their two draft choices on a quarterback.

If he doesn’t lead the Texans to improvement, that’s where things will become very interesting for Mills and the Houston general manager as he evaluates the players on the roster during camp.

It is also good to see that Caserio talked about focusing on the important things during training camp. Most likely the Texans won’t be playoff contenders in ’22, but this camp and the upcoming season should be used as a stepping stone toward future success, and the belief here is Caserio knows that.

All in all for the Texans and their general manager in ’22, learning more about this team and getting the team to where it needs to be is probably the most important thing, rather than making a big splash for a couple more wins this season.

Every player Caserio watches and everything he critiques for the Texans this training camp is for the bigger picture, and that is what’s most important for the future of the Texans.

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