Madden 23: Houston Texans are last in ratings?

Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

Are the Houston Texans really last in the Madden 23 ratings?

The highly anticipated Madden 23 video game by EA Sports Madden is releasing next month, and the ratings aren’t kind to the Houston Texans.

Madden 23 is this year’s version of the popular franchise, but unfortunately, Madden is known for its terrible player and team ratings. It’s exciting for fans to see team ratings, but it can be hard for Texans fans.

The Texans won four games last season, finished near the bottom of the standings, so it is safe to say the Texans did not play well last year. That said, with the offseason and having all the fresh additions, do they deserve to be ranked last in Madden 23?

The Texans have dealt with a whirlwind of stressors. The organization has been a mess with the Deshaun Watson saga surrounding them. The decision a couple years ago to trade DeAndre Hopkins was atrocious, and the hiring of David Culley last offseason as head coach was very questionable.

Even with all the going on last season, the Texans performed better than some expected by winning the four games they did. No, this is not what the fans want, but having a better season than four other teams should cement you as not last in the ratings.

The Texans finished above the Jets, Giants, Lions, and Jaguars last season and did they really get that much better with their rosters? Houston made significant moves to improve offense and defense for 2022, but Madden still has a team rating of 74, which is the lowest in the game.

Houston made some of the most significant improvements this offseason. At the same time, other teams are potentially looking to crash, burn, and tank to draft a top quarterback. The Seattle Seahawks traded away their franchise quarterback, Russell Wilson, and replaced him with Drew Lock, a quarterback who has looked bad in his career.

Texans: Did other struggling teams improve more than Houston?

The Seahawks did not improve much, other than a better offensive line. With Matt Ryan’s loss and Calvin Ridley’s suspension, the Atlanta Falcons have a lot of work to do. The Falcons picked up Marcus Mariota to fill Matt Ryan’s void at the quarterback position. They also drafted Desmond Ridder, who is not considered a franchise piece.

Even though Atlanta selected Drake London, who looks to be a good receiver but unfortunately, the Falcons have Mariota at the helm, so the Falcons should be an afterthought.

The Chicago Bears should be at the bottom in Madden 23, but they rated them seventh from the bottom. On paper, the Bears have the worst roster in the NFL. Their offense is atrocious, Darnell Mooney is their only receiving option, but David Montgomery is most of the offense.

The offensive line in Chicago couldn’t protect Justin Fields, and he is unlikely to take a jump in his sophomore season because of the lack of talent surrounding him.

While the Bears made zero improvements, the Texans had one of the best overall drafts with the best drafts with the additions of Derek Stingley, Kenyon Green, Jalen Petrie, John Metchie, Christian Harris, Thomas Booker, and Dameon Pierce.

All will significantly contribute to the Texans in ’22, except Metchie, who is battling leukemia and will miss the season. Quarterback Davis Mills has had an entire offseason with the Texans, which will only improve the overall offense, especially with wide receiver Nico Collins looking to breakout.

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The Texans should not be last in team ratings on Madden 23. The drastic improvements made, plus the downgrades for the Bears, Falcons, and Seahawks, should have the Texans ahead of them. Will EA make these adjustments soon? Probably not, but by the end of the season, the Texans will not be ranked last.