Texans Roundup: Excitement is back with the offense in 2022

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

The word “excitement” comes to mind this week when talking about the Houston Texans.

Maybe the best thing about the entire offseason for the Houston Texans is the fact they promoted Pep Hamilton as the offensive coordinator, which means we won’t see the same stale offense we all had to watch the past couple seasons.

Tim Kelly is gone from the franchise, as he didn’t work out so well as the last offensive coordinator, and now with Hamilton at the helm of the offense with second-year quarterback Davis Mills under center for the ’22 season, the “excitement” is back with this offense.

There are no off-the-field distractions with the Texans at quarterback this offseason, and it is safe to say Mills is going to be the on-field leader of the offense, and with Hamilton calling the shots, there will be some exciting offense for the Houston Texans in 2022.

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As we’ve said since the end of last season, the Texans need to be better at running the football, and in an HoustonTexans.com article this week by Drew Daugherty, he quoted Tytus Howard about that same subject as Houston was worst in the NFL when it came to rushing the football in 2021:

"“I think with Pep, his offense, we pride on being able to run the football,” Howard said. “We didn’t run the football well last year, so I look forward to being able to run the ball real well every game.”"

All fans of the Texans are looking forward to Houston being a better team at running the football in 2022, and more than that, if they can have positive yardage at running the football, the passing game for Houston will be much better too.

All offenses have to have some sort of rushing game to be successful on offense, and the new rushing duo of Marlon Mack and Dameon Pierce for ’22 will be so exciting to watch as the Houston offense isn’t getting the attention right now that they will earn as they will have more success this regular season.

Texans: Pep Hamilton raked positive in NFL.com article

In an NFL.com article on Wednesday Pep Hamilton was ranked eighth in a list of top NFL bandwagons for 2022. The article by Adam Schein on NFL.com said this about Hamilton:

"“Hamilton will continue to develop Mills in 2022, especially with the eternally underrated Brandin Cooks as his WR1.”"

This goes with what we talked about earlier in that Hamilton is making the Texans offense exciting again, and now nationally folks are starting to notice how under-appreciated some of the players and coaches with the Texans are.

The four-win Texans are hopefully a thing of the past, as this team will surprise many with how much better football they play in 2022 compared to last season.

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Give the Texans a chance, and though they won’t win every game in ’22, they will be more competitive than they were at times last season, and that’s a big step in the rebuild of this franchise.