2022 Texans are a night-and-day difference better than 2021 roster

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The Houston Texans are looking for a much better 2022 than 2021.

And they’re on their way to doing so. The Houston Texans are set to begin the first season under their newest head coach, Lovie Smith, no longer having to answer questions about Deshaun Watson and his future.

Last year’s 4-13 campaign was hard to watch in all facets. Thankfully each new year brings a bit of hope to all NFL teams, but the Texans could potentially have some big hopes. Especially given where they are as a franchise.

With Davis Mills set to get the whole season to prove he is the leader of the Texans, Houston is already in a position to win more games this season. But what are those reasons? Let’s get right into the first one.

The Houston Texans actually are committed to their head coach

Last year, it wasn’t a secret that the Texans weren’t necessarily bought into David Culley being the long-term answer. The least desirable place to coach heading into the 2021 season, Culley may have actually outperformed expectations.

Getting four wins out of that squad and a near upset of the New England Patriots caused some awkwardness when it came time to find a new head coach. However, with Lovie Smith getting the job, it seems like it’s more of a solid position than what Culley had.

Smith will get to see if he can help build the next “Bulls on Parade” defense.