Look: Twitter thinks Houston Texans gave Culley a raw deal

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

As the Houston Texans finally decided David Culley’s fate, Twitter let the world hear their thoughts.

The 2021 Houston Texans were going to be a monumental task for anyone to take over, even for the great Vince Lombardi and Bill Belichick. After a 4-13 campaign, David Culley was fired on Thursday- seemingly eons after the wave of Black Monday firings.

Twitter’s vibrant community let the NFL world hear it on how they thought Culley was basically set up to fail, among other reasons- take a look below:

The Houston Texans were in a bind and needed to make a deal, so they fired Culley

It was 98 percent likely that Culley would be fired at the end of the year unless he went on a winning binge and got the Houston Texans into some sort of playoff contention. Of course, that never happened, but where can we look back to see the entire season unravel? The Week 2 loss at Cleveland.

The Browns were a much better team in Week 2 than how they finished the regular season, but Houston was tied at halftime with a team that went to the divisional round the year prior. When Tyrod Taylor got hurt, this team lost all its momentum from the blowout win against Jacksonville to open the season.

Culley spent forever trying to get his first head coaching gig, and for it to end after one year is a hard thing to see happen. However, there shouldn’t be any surprise in that as everyone, including Culley, could see the invisible ink of the wall. Caserio would have his real coach come 2022, no matter what steps needed to be taken.

There are many options that the Houston Texans can take, but figuring out which candidate will be here for more than a year is going to be interesting. Culley is the first coach in Houston Texans history to be one-and-done, and the next shortest tenured coach was Dom Capers, the team’s first-ever coach.

Buckle up, Texans fans. Between the coaching search and the 28 expiring contracts the Texans have, it will be a busy offseason.

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