Spotrac doesn’t like the Houston Texans and Davis Mills

Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports /

It appears that one of the internet’s biggest contract information sites highly dislikes the Houston Texans and Davis Mills.

Spotrac, one of the biggest websites for seeing a team’s cap space and known for their custom roster-building features, flat out dislikes Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills.

Michael Ginnitti, the site’s co-founder, Tweeted from the site’s official page that the Houston Texans should take on Baker Mayfield for a year.  That’s going to be a big “Yeah, no” from us at Toro Times and most Texans fans.

Ginnitti must not have seen how much Mills progressed in the latter half of the season. Sure, did he stink at times? Yes. Did I think that Mills was better off on the bench at one point? Yes (and I’m happy to be wrong).

Let’s compare Baker Mayfield and Mills’ 2021 season:

Totals Table
1Baker Mayfield146-8-025341860.530101783.11343269371341
2Davis Mills132-9-026339466.826641688.8103120618440

Houston Texans are right in keeping Mills, and Spotrac couldn’t be more wrong.

When looking at the stats, the one thing that one who is pro-Mayfield in Houston would point to is passing yards. It would be nice if Mills didn’t have to get his first playing time in the middle of Week 2.

Even with that in mind, Mills was a third-round pick who had more passing yards than three first-round quarterbacks (Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson). In addition, Mills was more accurate than Mayfield and, overall, just a better quarterback when it all boils down to it when we’re looking at 2021 numbers.

Sure Mayfield has more rushing yards. Big whoop. The only difference Mayfield would bring to the team is that he’d have more of a chip on his shoulder and an audible presence for the media.

But if Mayfield couldn’t succeed with all the talent around him, what makes it possible for him to succeed in Houston, where there’s less of if right now? I was high on Mayfield when he entered the league, and I always liked his tenacity.

But after five years, Mayfield needs a change of scenery. Unfortunately, it won’t be here in Houston.

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