How do the Houston Texans stack up against the AFC South?

Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills
Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills /

Texans GM Nick Caserio had a phenomenal draft , but does the franchise have a shot at the division?

While it may be a reach to say the Houston Texans have any chance of winning a division title this year, is it impossible? Most definitely not. Is it likely? Most definitely not.

Despite have a good draft, the Texans still have a lot of question marks when it comes to the 2022 season.

Will Lovie Smith transition smoothly back into the role of head coach? Will Smith be able to revive a bottom ranked defense, again?  Will quarterback Davis Mills take the next step to being a solid NFL starter?

There are many things for Texans fans to be anxious to see this upcoming season.

With all of the excitement, how exactly will the Texans look against the much improved AFC South?

We all know we’ll see the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans at twice a year, possibly a third time if the playoffs are in play. Here is my way too early AFC South prediction:

Colts– The Colts with win the AFC South in 2022. With former MVP Matt Ryan at quarterback, Jonathan Taylor, Darius Leonard, and other stars on the roster it is easy to see why the could have a top 10 offense and defense. Against the Texans, the Colts will go 1-1 and ultimately win the division by two games.

Texans– Sophomore quarterback Davis Mills has a lot to prove as does many other young guys on the roster, but with our beloved GM Nick Caserio, things are changing and the energy is feeling different. The Texans go 4-2 in division and possibly find themselves fighting for a Wild Card spot.

Titans– You can never count out the Tennessee Titans, but this year is that year. Derrick Henry is undoubtably the most feared rusher in the game, but can one man, even at his size put an entire team on his back? Mike Vrabel has shown he can coach, but this year they go 1-1 against Houston and end in the number three position.

Jaguars– Yes, they have picked first overall for two consecutive seasons, no that does not mean they will be the team to beat, yet. I do believe they will be competitive in the coming seasons, but as of now they stay on the bottom of the list. They go 0-2 against the Texans are compete for another top 5-10 pick.

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