Houston Texans rumored to be trying to trade up, but shouldn’t

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Nick Caserio could have the Houston Texans moving up into the top ten of the NFL Draft.

After being coy about their draft plans with the 13th overall pick for months, Nick Caserio could be burning draft capital to get into the top ten of the 2022 NFL Draft. There have been talks of teams wanting to trade down.

This is unique of a draft as there’s been, as usually teams are trying to trade up to get the guy that they want. Adam Schefter was the first to report on Houston potentially exploring a trade.

A potential partner could reside in the Seattle Seahawks or the New York Giants. But should Caserio and the Houston Texans get into the top ten? Who could possibly be a target for Houston, and what would it cost to execute that trade?

The Houston Texans should not trade into the top ten of the 2022 NFL Draft

The Texans currently hold two of the most polarizing picks in this draft (3rd, 13th), and giving up more capital in a draft when players are going to fall to you anyways is a bit confusing. I did write earlier that Houston should go for need and not the best player available.

One could say trading up is a branch of drafting for need. Whoever that player winds up being (if the trade is executed) is going to have that much more pressure placed on them. Don’t believe me? Ask Mitchell Trubisky how that panned out.

Of course, this could definitely not happen, and this article is rendered null. If there was someone that Houston was targeting that they think they couldn’t get at 13, why not pick the said player with the third overall pick?

It’s shaping up to be the most interesting draft of all time, and if trades start flying, then it will definitely claim that title.

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