Houston Texans should consider drafting for need, not best player available

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The Houston Texans have plenty of decisions to make two weeks from today.

That statement is regarding who will be on the board when the Texans pick, and which of two strategies is best for the Houston Texans. One of our writers talked about how it has to be the “best player available” for Houston, and that is a valid argument and approach for a rebuilding team.

But let’s cut to the chase; drafting for need is what sets teams apart on the rebuilding schedules. Those who draft for need are more aggressive and have a higher chance of completing their ultimate goal.

That can be X amount of wins or a Super Bowl title, but if there’s one thing for sure in this league, if one team sits idly by, everyone will get better while said team does not improve.

Houston Texans can hit the jackpot if schemes, rookies, and current players are the right mix.

Who would’ve thought that JaMarr Chase would have exploded onto the scene the way that he did? Justin Jefferson fits that category as well.

Heck, you could make the point that the Texans have a similar foundation with Brandin Cooks on the roster; therefore, Houston could draft a wide receiver at the 13th pick. Houston needs another wide receiver to open up the passing game and could flourish if they select the right guy. The same can be said for the cornerback position.

In my opinion, drafting the best player available doesn’t do a team well. At least one that is in a rebuilding mode. Drafting for need will give you the best chance that year to improve, and the Houston Texans sit right in this category.

Teams that can afford to do this are in the playoffs, and it’s evident that Houston isn’t one of them. Draft for need, fill the hole on the roster and continue to grow.

It’s that simple.

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