Texans Have More Than One Way to Draft Success

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans’ path to a successful draft could come differently than many expect.

There is much speculation as to which players’ names will be called at numbers 3 and 13 that will be the players that begin the turnaround for the Texans. But what if the Texans aren’t the ones picking at those numbers?

There is obvious value in picking talented young players to add to the current roster in deep drafts. Any GM can also use said players in trades. Nick Caserio needs an abundance of talent added to the current roster.

The Texans have seven of the top 108 picks in the draft. Seven players to add to a team in desperate need of talent. The question is, can Caserio do better? Can he add picks and shorten the rebuild?

Maybe the third overall pick would be the one pick to hang on to? It’s not often that you have an opportunity to add a top prospect, so giving that up should come at a steep price. Caserio should be looking for multiple picks, including an additional first-rounder.

That’s not likely to come unless a team panics.  The 13th pick would be more tradeable, and adding picks here may be a sage move. While it’s true the Texans could use another top-15 player, adding additional picks in what should be a deep draft would be valuable as well.

If moving down from the 13th spot adds, for instance, a second and third-round pick this year, it’s something that Caserio should seriously consider. They would still be in the top 100, and, as stated before, this is a deep draft.

As crucial as adding top talent to the roster is, the Texans would be able to add talented depth that they must have for long-term success in the future.

The Texans’ mode of rebuilding is through assets that they own

The Texans are trying to rebuild through the draft, and that’s no secret. But at some point, they will need to add veteran talent to guide the young players.

Is this the time to do that? Most likely not. But, in 2023 and going forward, trades will become very important.

In 2022 the Texans will have a few veterans on the field. But, how long will they stay, and how many will need to be replaced by young players? All questions that Nick Caserio needs to answer as quickly as possible.

Do those answers come in the 2022 NFL Draft? Or do Caserio’s picks bring that key veteran free agent that ultimately ties it all together?

The answer to this and all questions will be answered on Thursday. It will be worth the wait.

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