Houston Texans: NFL Draft 2022 less than a week away

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Time is almost here for the Houston Texans to add to their roster with the NFL Draft 2022.

The Houston Texans are less than a week away from changing their franchise for the better with the 2022 NFL Draft, and it is tough not to be excited for that fact as the past few seasons have been very lean on the football field.

As all of us wait for the draft to take place, there are some thoughts about the draft and the Texans that should make everyone think about how this draft — the NFL Draft 2022 — can and will change the franchise for the better once everything is all said and done.

The best thing about this draft is the Texans aren’t in dire need of selecting a quarterback, as that job seems to belong to second-year starter Davis Mills — a third-round pick last year — and there is the fact the Texans are going to give the quarterback the change he has earned from his play last year.

That means the Texans can use their top picks — No. 3 and No. 13 — for the draft at a spot other than quarterback, and this is where things start to feel exciting for the franchise because there are many talented players to choose from with their first two picks in the first round, especially if they want to draft defensively.

Houston could go a number of ways with the first round as they could really repair their secondary with a cornerback and safety with those picks, they could also draft a EDGE rusher, or even a defensive tackle to shore up the defense because it must happen at some point with this draft.

The Texans could also select a wide receiver in the first round because they aren’t completely set at that position either, plus the team does need to give Mills more help at the position on offense.

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Texans: Team has 11 picks going into the 2022 NFL Draft

Those are the four positions the Texans should look at with their first three picks (they also pick early in the second round at 37th overall), then really begin to build depth with their roster, including looking at linebackers, running backs and the offensive line.

Houston has two third-round and two fourth-round picks (No. 68, No. 80, No. 107, No. 108) so this is why everyone needs to be excited because who knows what general manager Nick Caserio is thinking when it comes to those selections.

The first seven picks in the ’22 NFL Draft for the Texans are of extreme importance because they need to hit on most of them to rebuild this franchise to the best of their ability … and in the quickest time possible.

Will each of those picks work out, probably not, because no team has ever had a 100-percent “perfect draft,” but the Texans currently have 11 picks overall in the ’22 draft to find players who might not even become “superstars,” but just as important become solid players on the roster, and players who contribute on a weekly basis during games, and that’s how championship rosters are built.

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At times in the franchise history the Texans have been close to being a championship team past winning the AFC South, but with Caserio at the helm in his first draft with picks in the first and second rounds, the Texans franchise should have much better days ahead, and that is what makes this upcoming draft so exciting.