Houston Texans 2nd-round receiver targets for NFL Draft 2022

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Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /
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Houston Texans
Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

Could one of Houston’s major needs actually be disregarded on day one of the 2022 NFL Draft?

I know what you’re thinking. When you finish with a 4-13 record like the Houston Texans did last season, couldn’t everything be considered a major draft need? Pretty much, yes, but that is the key idea of this piece.

When you “earn” the third overall selection in the NFL Draft, not many positions on your roster will be considered safe from draft competition. However, when you have as many holes as the Texans do, you need to focus on value when it comes to your draft picks.

This is why a position like receiver can wait until the second round for the Texans. The depth in this year’s receiving class is crazy. With nine of the top 52 prospects being WRs, there’s a good chance some day one prospects fall to round two, which is when the Texans should make a move.

Don’t get it twisted, the Texans desperately need receiving help. There’s a reason Pro Football Focus ranked Houston’s receiving group dead last entering last season. Outside of Brandin Cooks, no receiver on the team finished with more than 450 yards. With the amount of talented receivers in this class, that need can wait until the second round.

So who are some guys the Texans should be targeting? I believe there are five receivers who fall into three separate categories, the first being mostly a dream.