Ranking all 32 NFL Quarterbacks after 2022 Free Agency

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Before the 2022 NFL Draft begins, we’re going to do our own ranking of the starting NFL Quarterbacks.

After the most historic offseason in terms of player movement and trades, the NFL may be heading to unchartered waters. Will franchise players no longer be safe? That brings us to the most important part of each team. How are these quarterbacks affected by these moves, and who is the best? Let’s get right into the power rankings.

32nd in the 2022 NFL Quarterbacks power rankings:

Pick Analysis. QB. North Carolina. MitchTrubisky. 55. Scouting Report. 32. player

Trubisky enters one of the worst, if not the worst, roster for someone with his talent. But, after being one of the most stunning second overall picks of all time in 2017, Trubisky had his moments in Chicago.

An NFC North title in 2018 was a major accomplishment, and Trubisky had one of his best years. But how much of that was carried by Chicago’s stellar defense? Trubisky comes in last in the NFL Quarterbacks just because he didn’t play last year, but primarily because he doesn’t have a lot of help.

Pittsburgh needs a lot of help from this draft. So let’s see what Trubisky can do heading into his first starting job since 2020.