The Texans Must Draft the Best Player Available

(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) /

On April 28th, Texans fans will be glued to their devices as Roger Goodell calls out the Houston Texans’ pick.

Many share the opinion that it should be the best player available. But for the Texans, is the best player for them actually the best player available?

For Nick Caserio, “Best Player Available” may not mean what fans think it does. The consensus “best player” in this draft is Kayvon Thibodeaux or Derek Stingley or Ikem Ekwonu or pick a guy depending on which expert you follow.

Sports Illustrated,, and The Sporting News; all have a different opinion. Once the draft gets here, only one opinion matters: That of which belongs to Caserio. It’s the GM who gets to say who the best player available is. The best player to fill the position he wants to fill.

Apart from a serious reach in the opinion of the fans and experts, can Caserio get the third overall pick wrong? Not on draft day. This isn’t the best talent in the draft, and It’s not the player with the best combine statistics.

It’s not even the player with the best college stats. This has to be the player that fits what the Texans want to do on the field. The player that the GM believes will have the biggest impact on winning football games. And this player may not make fans real happy.

Will the player Caserio selects result in Texans fans coming back to NRG Stadium?

Does Caserio believe that an edge rusher will be that impact player? How about a safety or cornerback? Maybe an offensive linemen? Whatever position this player plays, he will be the #3 pick.

Will the Fans be happy with the pick? That remains to be seen. Making the fans happy on draft day should not even enter Nick Caserio’s mind. His focus must be on making this team better this year and for years to come.

This is why who the experts claim to be best pick, or best player in that draft slot may not be best for the Texans.

But let’s bottom line the whole thing. How may people booed the J.J. Watt pick? How many truly expected Watt to become of the best defensive players in the game? We can honestly say, not the fans on draft day.

But Rick Smith saw that he was the best player for the Texans. It’s time to trust Caserio and try to see this team the way he does.

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