Houston Texans: All eyes on Davis Mills for the 2022 season

Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports /

One quarterback on the Houston Texans is ready to do work in 2022.

The Houston Texans have finally traded former quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns for five draft picks over the next three years. That means Watson and all the extra off-the0field issues that came in recent months is all in the past, and now it is time to focus on the present.

Let’s discuss current Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills and what he can bring to the franchise in his second season as the starting quarterback of the rebuilding franchise. If Mills stays the starter for Houston, the success of the Texans will hinder on the success of Mills in ’22 and beyond.

Following the Watson trade, the Texans have the No. 3 and No. 13 overall picks with the Texans gaining the third pick after going 4-13 last season, and the 13th pick was one of the three first round picks collected from Cleveland as Houston also receives first round picks in ’23 and ’24 from the Browns.

Hopefully for Mills’ sake the No. 13 pick is used to help him on offense as there should be some quality wide receivers or offensive linemen available with that choice. The No. 3 overall pick hopefully is used on a pass rusher because Lovie Smith’s defense needs som help too, which also helps the offense.

As for Mills he seems to be ready to get things rolling for the Houston Texans in ’22 as this was his tweet after the Texans traded Deshaun Watson on Friday:

What was interesting is the Texans didn’t gain quarterback Baker Mayfield with the Browns trade, as he’s now on the trade rumors list after the Browns got Watson. With the Texans not trading for Mayfield, and also not re-signing Tyrod Taylor on the roster — as Taylor was the initial starter this past season — does that mean the Texans are going to give Mills their full support in ’22?

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Houston Texans: Will the team add a veteran QB to help, compete with Mills?

It would be smart for the Houston Texans to sign another veteran quarterback to give a battle to Mills because competition is always good and can bring out the best in an athlete.  Also important is having a veteran quarterback to help Mills improve in his second season and that of great importance for the Texans since they did invest a third round pick in him during the ’21 draft.

New offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton should be able to help Mills improve on the skills he showed he had in ’21. It was very apparent Mills can be a long-time starter in the NFL with his arm strength shown, and the poise he played with in the latter half of the season.

Last season Mills passed for 2,664 yards with 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, as only two of those interceptions came in the final five starts of the season.

Mills when having to make starts when Taylor was injured wasn’t the best and he wasn’t exactly  ready at that time, but when he made starts at the end of the season, when the Texans benched Taylor, that’s where Mills showed what he can be as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Now if the Texans can add some solid wide receivers, a rushing game and make some improvements on the interior offensive line — they should be set at tackle — then the offense of the Texans could really shine with Mills.

No quarterback ever had success alone, or without the other 10 offensive players playing at a high level around them, and that’s what the Texans need to be working for, and that help could be in the draft this year with the Texans having five picks in the Top 80.

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Mills is more than capable of being a very good NFL quarterback, and if he can keep showcasing improvement like he did at the end of last season, good things will eventually be in store for the Texans quarterback and the entire Texans team.