3 new teams the Houston Texans should call to trade Brandin Cooks

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With one year left on his contract and the Houston Texans rebuilding, some other teams could use his services.

The past two seasons, Brandin Cooks has been the Houston Texans best offensive weapon. Cooks has been the leading wide receiver and only true threat on the offense. There have been talks that Cooks could be part of the “big three” trade that involved Deshaun Watson and Laremy Tunsil.

Cooks has also been mocked to the Patriots in a potential trade idea. So the chances of Cooks tying Los Angeles Rams legend Eric Dickerson for being the most-traded player in history are high (Cooks has been traded three times, Dickerson four).

Cooks still has talent left in the tank, and it’s not likely that he wants to stick around for a rebuild that could take up the rest of his prime years. So what teams could use his services? Hint: they are all playoff teams from last season.

These three teams have one primary wide receiver that does all the heavy lifting, but when they get taken out of the game plan by the opposing defense, it starts to get increasingly harder to throw the ball.

Let’s start with our first team:

The Houston Texans should send Brandin Cooks to the Green Bay Packers

team. 49. . . . Green Bay Packers. 1

The Packers have enjoyed the Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams combination for years. Still, they have failed to find a replacement ever since the franchise spurned fan-favorite Jordy Nelson by letting him walk in free agency.

They brought back Rodgers’ old friend in Randall Cobb, who spent time here in Houston in 2020. But that move hardly paid off as Cobb was not very effective this past season. Everyone saw how Rodgers relied upon Adams so much that he missed a wide-open Allen Lazard on the very last play before the 49ers held onto the ball for good and won the game.

Green Bay’s offense is so dependent upon Adams that the entire production stops when he does get silenced in a game. Cooks would be another legitimate threat that secondaries would have to account for.