Houston Texans free agency Wishlist by position groups

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The Houston Texans could be active once again in free agency.

In 2021, the Houston Texans brought in a small army’s worth of players with all sorts of NFL experience. In addition, the Houston Texans replaced many departing players from little-known younger players to trusty old names like Rex Burkhead.

That could be the same in 2022, after embarking on a 4-13 season in which the Deshaun Watson saga still hasn’t ended. So it’s not surprising that there will be many holes on this team that need to be patched up.

The Houston Texans only have about $17 million in cap space at the moment, and that may not leave a ton of room for fixing the entire roster. So one can wish for one, if not all, of these players who will be listed to join the team. So who are they, and why are they on this list?

Let’s start with the quarterback position,

Tyler Huntley would be an incredibly solid QB2, potentially QB1 for the Houston Texans.

Tyler Huntley was relatively unknown last season when he stepped in for an injured Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. What no one expected throughout those four games Huntley played was how well he did.

Despite his 1-3 record, Huntley tore it up on the ground and through the air. Huntley was spectacular, with over 1,000 yards passing and three touchdowns to go with nearly 300 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Mind you, three of those games came against Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and the L.A. Rams.

They were close losses, but Huntley’s skill would make for a solid backup behind Davis Mills. Who knows, Huntley might be better than Mills in a competition. Houston needs another quarterback on the roster, and Huntley would be a great fit.