Houston Texans send Davis Mills to Denver Broncos in proposed trade

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

With all the news around Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, one trade proposal has a different quarterback on the move.

Quarterbacks make the NFL world work, and if your team doesn’t have one, the chances of a winning season plummet into the depths. That’s why teams could be interested in a quarterback that plays at an above-average level instead of a franchise level.

A recent article published by FanSided’s own Predominantly Orange, which covers the Denver Broncos, listed four potential trade ideas with the Houston Texans. Davis Mills was the first and presumably top target in that article, which included trade proposals that sent Jonathon Greenard, Laremy Tunsil, and Tytus Howard to the AFC West.

It’s a really interesting proposal for Mills, who seems to be the franchise guy, barring a surprise in the draft from the Texans. Mills started out 0-7 in 2021 but rapidly improved down the stretch. Mills has become a player that most Texans fans want to see back in the deep steel blue.

Houston Texans would be making risky trade by sending Mills to Denver Broncos.

It would be an incredibly risky trade to complete with no other quarterback on the roster besides Deshaun Watson. Given the weak quarterback draft class, a veteran free agent would have to be acquired at a minimum.

Mills has been apparently talked about on Colorado sports radio stations, so this is all a new development to Texans fans. Mills would be at the bottom of the list if Denver can’t land Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. If this proposed trade were to happen, it wouldn’t excite Broncos fans to the point that Wilson or Rodgers would, but just about anyone is better than current Broncos quarterback Drew Lock.

We’re just 13 days away. This has a very low chance of happening, but the Texans have made crazier trades in the past.

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