Biggest takeaways from Lovie Smith’s combine press conference

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

Lovie Smith spoke for the first time since getting the Houston Texans head coaching job

Just like Nick Caserio did yesterday, the newest head coach of the Houston Texans got a chance to meet with the media in Indianapolis for roughly 15 minutes. During that press conference, there were a few takeaways from our Twitter thread, which we live-tweeted. Let’s get into those takeaways:

Houston Texans have a defensive lineman-friendly scheme, and notes on Justin Reid

Smith explained that if he was a free-agent defensive lineman, he would want to play in the scheme that he’s going to use here in Houston. Later on in the press conference, Smith wanted to show praise for what Maliek Collins has been able to do in his time in Houston. In fact, that Collins’ position (in which is the “3” technique) is what everything starts with on the defense.

When it came to Justin Reid, Smith expressed that he and the organization would be very happy if Reid chose to re-sign with Houston. What Reid went through last season is well-known to Texans fans and to those teams targeting him in free agency. Smith might just be the guy to save Reid from playing in a different uniform in 2022.

What did Lovie Smith and the Houston Texans want in the Deshaun Watson situation?

It’s clear to see that this situation may be getting old for Smith and Caserio. Having to wait almost another month after Watson’s initial deposition date will drive anyone to the point of just wanting to be “done” with it.

We’ll see how long Smith’s patience lasts when it comes to building his roster and then making a plan for the offseason. Will it really affect the offseason plan? We’ll find out as free agency is only two weeks away.

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