Deshaun Watson decision coming later rather than sooner

Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports /

After waiting months for Deshaun Watson’s deposition, it appears that the wait will resume.

February 22nd was supposed to be the date of Deshaun Watson’s deposition. While there may still be some developments today, another factor is going to push this process back. His agent, Rusty Hardin, is not available to start some of those depositions from his accusers until the first week of March.

Amy Dash, who is the legal analyst for CBS Sports Radio, put it all into a simplified format in a Twitter thread (that can be found in full detail here).

Here’s what we know so far, Per Dash’s tweets:

  1. Watson and Hardin’s request to delay deposition was denied
  2. The women who didn’t file any criminal complaints can be deposed right away
  3. Watson pleaded the fifth and will need to be deposed when Hardin is available (hence the first week of march reference earlier)
  4. April 1st becomes the new, big date where Watson and Hardin will know if they are facing any charges, as that is when the women who filed criminal complaints will have their time to depose Watson.

Deshaun Watson having this delay is going to cool down the trade chances

It’s tempting to think about all the trade deals that can be struck and what amount of picks can be acquired in such an earth-shattering trade. It would be challenging to imagine a trade going down while this entire situation is still being figured out.

The 2022 NFL Draft is April 28th-30th. While that’s still a lot of time, it’s taken quite a bit of time just to get to this point.

As always, if there are any updates, we will share what we know.

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