Houston Texans: Biggest takeaways from Nick Caserio’s combine presser

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Nick Caserio didn’t show the Houston Texans’ hand on Tuesday, but there were some interesting remarks.

After weeks of NFL inactivity, NFL fans can rejoice at the combine’s arrival. Finally, there is some news or at least an appearance of each team’s head coach and general manager to get some insight (or none at all).

For Texans fans, they got the first part of the statement. Let’s get into the first of the takeaways:

Somehow Rex Burkhead got an extension with no announcement

Rex Burkhead was given another one-year deal worth 2.35 million dollars without any notice or seemingly notable announcement. Which makes sense; the career day he had against the Chargers was probably the catalyst that drove this through. According to SpoTrac, this extension was signed on January 9th.

Combine “happenstances” don’t change the evaluation process for Caserio

This was a bit more intriguing, as teams would really make this a significant part of their evaluation for a long time. Caserio said that the events or reactions that happen due to a 15-minute interview for a player or a bad workout shouldn’t weigh too heavily on a player regarding the impact they can have on the field.

Houston Texans are set to add more faces to the tight end position.

Currently, Brevin Jordan is the only tight end under contract for the Houston Texans. This statement above could be where the Texans make their biggest free-agent splash. To run 12 personnel, a team needs two tight ends and then a backup or two.

The benefit of this is that it’s going to spread out the defensive ends of the opponent, making their path that much longer. Also, if they don’t want to line up in anything wider than a “5” technique, then the tight ends can help out in pass blocking. This could be great news for Davis Mills’ deep passing game if it comes to fruition.

Lovie Smith will speak tomorrow at 1:30 PM central time.

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