Texans Draft: Is Davis Mills better than QBs in ’22 NFL Draft?

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Texans QB Davis Mills has potential to be better than upcoming ’22 draft class.

There are some in the NFL saying Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills is better than any of the top quarterbacks who are said to be the best in the 2022 NFL Draft.

That could be good news for the Texans because they not only drafted Mills in the third round last year, but he’s going to be battling this offseason to stay the starting quarterback of the franchise for ’22 and beyond.

The first act of Mills’ rookie season was tough to watch, some to his own fault, but in all honesty he shouldn’t have been out on the field, and the only reason he was because Tyrod Taylor was injured in Week 2.

Now the second act of the rookie season of Davis Mills was exciting to watch because it was obvious he was not only better prepared, but he was ready to play at the NFL level in his final five starts.

Though not all of the games were victories for the Texans when Mills was under center, he made the offense of the Houston Texans better, and not only that, he was showing he needed to be in the discussion to be the starting quarterback for the Texans in 2022.

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The discussion for Mills to be the Houston Texans’ starter in ’22 is somewhat mentioned in Albert Breer’s Monday Morning Quarterback column at MMQB on Monday, as he has comments from those important positions in the NFL about the ’22 quarterback draft class compared to the quarterback draft class of ’21, including Mills being a part of the conversation.

Breer had this interesting piece of information in his MMQB column which should make Texans fans smile some this offseason:

"“Most, if not all, NFL folks I’ve talked to have said all five first-round quarterbacks from last year are better than anyone in this year’s class. One source said he would take those five, plus the Texans’ Davis Mills, over the entire group …”"

It is hard to say that folks are more excited or even just excited at all about the incoming group of quarterbacks to be first-round choices in ’22, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be solid NFL players.

It is tough to say the ’21 draft class of quarterbacks are all going to be excellent professionals after one season, but when it comes to Mills and where he was drafted in ’21 by Caserio, it is safe to say after his second go-round as the Houston Texans starting quarterback that he’s making the Texans GM look like a smart man.

The best part of Mills from last season was his grit and determination to get up from all the hits, to learn from his first six starts in the league and still be able to have some 300-yard passing games, and grow as a quarterback while utilizing what weapons he had on the offense, especially when he could find Brandin Cooks.

Texans fans deserve to see the duo of Mills and Hamilton work together for at least the ’22 season because some good things could come together with those two working together.

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One of the more exciting prospects about the ’22 Texans season is seeing how Mills improves from year one and how that will help the future of the Houston offense moving forward for ensuing seasons.